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Topless Girls In Panties
Topless Girls In Panties
I feel embarrassed every time I have to write the word "panties," but its essential when describing the gray area between nudism and near-nudism. Women and teens sunbathing in their underwear is nearly as intriguing as all-nude or topless, so why not celebrate it?
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"Topless women join the freedom men have enjoyed, but only since the 1903's. Before then men wore top-covering bathing suits too."

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 Topless Women

Topless Women
Topless Is Nearly Nudist

Women tend to agree that, after possibly five minutes of self-consciousness, that going topless in public is a liberating experience. Aside from eliminating often ridiculous tan-lines, feeling the elements against their breasts is a pleasurable and sensual "sensation." 

Topless GirlsBeing admired is another plus. Nudists in general report extreme pleasure while "skinny dipping." The feel of water streaming over the genital area feels both cleansing and stimulating. Topless women report the same pleasures associated with their breasts, for most an erogenous zone, which in this case means "sensual."

Retreats from the water without the burden of a bathing suit, top or bottom or both, is also much more pleasant. No damp textiles encase the genital areas or the breasts. Nothing is more unpleasant for women than the chafing that occurs on the nipples when wearing wet tops.

Sophie Speaks: My first topless experience was on the roof of my dorm. Several girls from Europe started the practice, and a few of us timid Americans followed suit (as in "not to be upstaged"). Our college had only begun accepting male students a few years before I began there, so they were greatly outnumbered, and hence, in short supply.

When word got around, our dorm became de rigueur for afternoon sunbathing. Then an article appeared in theYoung Teen Topless school paper (with a censored photo, if you can believe it), and the practice was shut down.

But not before I grew to realize that topless was the more natural state for certain activities (sunbathing, swimming, gardening, lounging). I'm relatively petite (a "B" cup) and frankly don't need the support of a bra or bathing suit top. Around the house I almost never a top, and more than once have surprised a visitor or guest due to my complete lack of self-consciousness. 

When Daughters Go Topless

ToplessMy daughter has picked up the practice and, even with her friends, is out of her clothes when the weather permits. She has an extremely healthy attitude towards sex and personal responsibility. She is not promiscuous. She's just a "natural" gal.

As for the sexual aspects of going topless, or of nudity in general, I would give it a mark somewhere above "neutral." I'm frankly flattered if a stranger on the beach trips over a sand castle because I've distracted him (it's happened). I am aroused when exposed, but it's more a "sensual" arousal than sexual. I know it arouses my husband because he's told me so. He doesn't want to share me, but for some reason, he enjoys sharing the "view" of me. 

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