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Newbies - You Just Take Your Suit Off - It's NOT Easy The First Time
You Can Spot A Newbie
One of the delights of nude or topless beach people watching is spotting a newbie.
(Newbie Nudists)

"Topless beaches are sprouting around the U.S. It appears that more and more women want the freedom European women enjoy. Even Vegas now has topless pools"

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Topless Beaches: Kuta Beach, Indonesia; South Beach, Black's Beach, USA; Anse du Gouverneur, Grand Saline, St. Barts; Orient Beach, St. Martin, Plague de Tahiti, St. Tropez, Cannes, Nice, France; Santorini, Greece; Point Tartare, Gualeloupe; Hawksbill Bay, Antigua; Seven Mile Beach, Hedonism II & III, Sandals, Jamaica; Playa d'en Bossa, Barcelona, Spain, and 100's more...

 Topless Beaches

Topless Beach Teens
Going Topless Is Catching On

Your first walk on a topless beach is a real eye-opener, so to speak. If its in France, you'll immediately startled by, 1) the quantity of naked breasts within view and, 2) the varied ages, from young teen to matron. Well tanned, there's no hint of "newbie." It's like none of the women or girls ever owned a bathing suit top. To an uninitiated American it's like waking up to your favorite holiday and everything in the world you've ever wanted was gift-wrapped at your feet. On a good day (any day in August) a French beach delivers more topless girls than you would normally see in a dozen lifetimes, if lucky.

Topless Beach, MexicoWhen you ask a woman how it feels to have "liberated" her breasts, she'll say it's no big deal. Give her a few drinks and she'll admit it feels sexy and exciting. There's that moment of unveiling that's certainly exciting when you see a new beach arrival unwrap her bosom. When they rubbed suntan lotion on them one's mind becomes full of gratitude (and rap attention). Try reading the newspaper your first time on a topless (or nudist) beach. You'll never turn a page (unless for show).or some reason, he enjoys sharing the "view" of me. 

Topless etiquette varies by country. In France, Germany and Scandinavian women will skip the top even when sitting down in a seaside cafe. Along the Seine in Paris you'll see summertime secretaries sunning their breast during lunch breaks. In resorts in the CaribbeanTopless Beach Teens In Southern France and Mexico you see newbies with pale bosoms getting their first taste of liberation. It's exciting to watch and no one seems to mind if you "pay attention." I've caught myself staring at a topless girl or woman, then realizing the stare-back and noticing their appreciative smiles.

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