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From The 1996 Archives: Daily Nudist Life Celebration

Nudism photos run the gamut from the sublime to the ho-hum, and we keep as best we can to the former. People have complained a photojournalist enterprise dedicated to nudism should feature the good with the bad. Well, we beg to differ. The bad is all over the web. Why not show a preference for the good (without the "babe" talk and general porn associated with online nudity)? Following is a very random assortment, mixed ages, nudist and topless, close-in and telephoto--a blend. Above all we hope to capture the mood and often, the beauty of nudism, the naked body being a superb template for aesthetically pleasing images. 

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From nudist colony beaches to Club Med and the shores of the Black Sea, nudism and topless-ness seem

to represent the new normal. In fact, it's hard to find a beach in Europe that doesn't permit topless

sunbathing. Nude beaches are seldom far from any urban center, or even provincial backwaters. On the

fringes of most "textile" beaches are clothing optional options. Just follow the crowd to find them. In the

U.S.A. nudism takes a turn toward the private nudist resort or camp, also gaining in popularity. Year-round

nudism and topless sunbathing follow the sun, as do our photographers and amateur contributors. While

the epicenter for nudism leans to Eastern Europe, our coverage extends around the world.

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