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Undoubtedly, the greatest fear among nudist families is that their children, whatever their ages, may become victims of predators, puerile photographers or worse. These are legitimate fears, and in particular, why we at The Nude Review generally disfavor the "nudist club" environment, preferring instead to endorse nudism as a way of life.

Okay, now you're confused.

What we mean by a way of life is simply the elimination of shame in regard to the naked body. In essence, remove the shame, and clothing becomes purely optional, environmental conditions permitting.

Many of the boomer generation, when asked to reflect upon the subject, readily concur that nudity in the home was indeed a rare event. The majority of those polled by The Nude Review in a 1998 study acknowledged having never seen their parents naked, and would not consider the option a pleasurable one if provided the opportunity today. Nature versus nurture, we suspect, with nurture several lengths in the lead.

But it is in our "nature" to be naked in the world (again, environmental conditions permitting). Clothing came around very late in human history. In some parts of the world, it's yet to arrive. In Europe, generally speaking, it's become once again an optional accoutrement (of course, weather permitting), as evidenced on nearly any European beach between May and September. As noted in the essay, "Naked In Switzerland," Europeans are essentially very sensible when it comes to their bodies, "they don't mind having them."

However, what if you didn't grow up in a family where nudity was as common as TV or radio?  Chances are your teen daughter or son will be mildly reactionary if you show-up for the family badminton game in the buff. Their "nature" to be nude has been overshadowed by the nurturing received from their textile-dependent parents. 

Well, worry not. As with anything (most recently, getting used to a new computer screen—you just have to get used to it), new ideas have a habit of bearing results if gently, rather than forcibly, applied. The Nude Review is of the opinion that nudist life is best understood simply by viewing the people active in the "lifestyle." What you'll see is people behaving rather normally, albeit, nakedly, without the burden of shame.

If you're interested in teaching your children to respect their bodies and, in particular, other people's bodies, nudism is certainly appropriate to the cause. If you're interested in encouraging your spouse to give nudism a try, show him or her some of the photography you see on these pages. What they'll see is people having fun. Take our word. Skinny dipping is fun, and can be exciting in mixed company without being "sexual." Sensual—yes.

Our final word of advice is this: no coaxing or heavy-handed coercion. And if your lame uncle is visiting and wants everyone to get naked with him in the hot tub, elect not to do so. He only wants to get his rocks off (we suspect). 

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