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Nudist Freedom: Discovering A New You

Nudist Bares of the World

A Nudist's Diary: "Our family has owned a summer cabin on Twin Lakes for the last twenty years, and the season always start on Memorial Day weekend. The first thing we do on arrival, after unloading our gear, is take our first swim of season. We strip in the cabin and run down to dock and jump off. Of course, the water is still freezing, so it's a very short swim. My step father builds a huge fire on the beach, and we snuggle in blankets and gab away. We're a "blended" family. None of us minds being naked in front of each other. I'm sure my step brother (we're a year apart) gets a kick out of it, but he's cool, and we trust each other. He's worried about whether his butt is cute (it is) and I worry about my breasts (he says "they're perfect").

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"I'm actually wearing excessive amounts of sun block." Advice to others who would like to try nudism: "In the woods above and north of the rock it's like Middle Earth. Running around naked here is inevitable. It puts you in harmony with nature. Try it once and you'll thereafter look for special places to be nude. "

Though Nudist Bares have several things in common, foremost is their ability to just have fun. It appears not having "hang-ups" is somewhat essential to successful nudism. It's hard not to smile and feel kid-like in the nude in mixed company. It's nature's way of telling us to lighten up.

Blaire, in the Bahamas Ben & Alfie, in Spain Mia, upstate New York Cloe, from Paris, but in the Caribbean
Della, near Savannah Shaun, from Denver, in Texas
Donna, Del Ray Beach, Fla. Dorothy, near San Remo "Elle" on honeymoon Juls, Denmark Everett & Beatrice, Wales Giselle, Iowa
Helen, with sandy towel, location withheld
Janelle, spring break, Caribbean Jeanne, South Beach resident "John of the Woods," with dog Jos & Benica, southeastern coast of Spain Elsa, on the Baltic Sea
"Jungle Girl" in Costa Rica Magritte, in Antigua "M&M" on the Riviera "Whitewater Girl" in Snake River Canyon
Merrilee, top-free advocate "The Gang" on vacation
Rachel, from Atlanta Sarah, from Carmel, CA. Shaun, from St. Paul Diana, Palimco Sound San Diego sisters "Soccer Mom" taking a break
Sophie, Southern France "SunGirl" 
Christy, "sitting in a creek" Wife Photo, French Alps Wife Photo, Caribbean Donna, Haulover Beach

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