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A day in the life of a topless beach follows a cycle. Early risers, the health minded or young families tend to be the first arrivals. They keep some distance from the beachside cafes and loudspeakers, aim for the shoreline and busy themselves with morning papers and sand castles. A little later, say around noon, the younger crowds begin arriving. Those who didn't do too much damage the night before begin oiling-up in small groups as gossip rises to a low murmur reaching across the sands. Off come the tops and the gentle massaging in of sunscreens, and much more brutally than would a man do if asked for assistance (cont.)
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Members Reveal Themselves... Candid NudityBy late afternoon groups have formed, the young men begin their pea-cocking behaviors while the girls, affixed to their cell-phones, begin the evening's negotiations. Flirtations level rise and, believe me, seeing young women flirt without their tops is a compelling vision. For reasons unknown they tend to busy their hands with their breasts, matter-of-factly, as they engage in conversation with prospective hook-ups, or settle on which group to follow into the evening hours. For the most part the beach depicted here is on Majorca, an epicenter for young hedonists but also families. Night life is robust, and parties often last until dawn. All day long there is a buzz in the air of romantic possibility, but it has a communal edge. This precursor to evening festivities, the day on the beach with its abundance of flesh, of nubile bosoms posing in the sun and wind, is for all-comers. It's a feast for the eyes, that does much for the soul. PeterG, Nudist Bare

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