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"Our first day at a clothing optional, adults-only resort in the Caribbean, I saw my wife get nude for the first in a mixed group of strangers, and it was the most arousing moment of my life. We'd boarded a catamaran at the resort's dock wearing our suits. We hadn't discussed whether we'd partake of the clothing optional business. When other couples started stripping down, my usually very prim and fairly attractive wife looked at me, shrugged, and began removing her suit. It was very erotic. Within a couple minutes she'd met some other couples and was chatting away like she was at a PTA meeting. Needless to say, there was no way I could remove my suit at that moment."

No, that's not Penthouse Forum stuff, but just the kind of thing you hear talking with men who enjoy nudism with their wives or girlfriends--there's something about having your mate viewed naked by other men that can be very stimulating, and in ways that stick with you forever. "Let's say, when we're being intimate, all I have to do is recall her taking off her suit on a public beach, or standing at the bar nude at an adult resort, and I lose it. Timing is everything. I have to keep those thoughts out of my mind until I know it's the right moment to, you know, finish." ("That's My Wife!")

 Adult Nudism: Boundaries?
Where Are The Boundaries? We clearly make a distinction between traditional nudism and adult nudism. What flies in an adult environment like a couples resorts or Hedonism II wouldn't fly on a family nudist beach.

So, what flies in "adult nudism?" A lot depends on the venue. At Hedo if your gal-pal wants to grab your penis, no one would bat an eye. At other couples resorts intimate touching is discouraged. A nude couple a on semi-isolated beach are probably doing no one any harm if sex fits their agenda. Unlike other nudist sites, we feel nudism can be highly sexual (even on family beaches, where hands are kept to themselves). An errant erection? Could happen anywhere. At Hedo it's almost a given (around the cocktail hour usually).

Mobley's Review is where we put adult nudism and nudity between couples of a more intimate nature. Some refer to it as foreplay photography. It isn't pornography though it can get sexual. There's a difference. ("Adult Nudism & Nudity")

Resort Nudity
Resort Nudity: You might be surprised at how many clothing optional resorts now span the Caribbean (and with the current obesity epidemic, feel somewhat frightened at the prospect). Fortunately these destination resorts seem more for the fit and trim (the cruise lines get all the rest). It's simply a fact that wives and girlfriends who go with us to nudist resorts are comfortable with their bodies. ("Resort Nudity")

Your Assignment - Photograph Your Wife Nude
Resort Photo Competition: Your assignment - photograph your wife or girlfriend nude during the day for the evening photo competition. Winner gets a free Nikon. Okay, do you really need an incentive? Nudist photography as a hobby? Wouldn't you pay to do that? Some resorts will pay for your exceptional nudist photography with free accommodation. Now, is your mate willing to pose for you? ("Photo Club")

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If you've looked at nudist sites you know there's a traditional view, then the sort we tend to acknowledge with some delicacy but not too timidly - there's a sensual side that's undeniable. Why not embrace it, circumstances permitting?

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We Feel Your Pain 
Men can be conflicted when they see their mates frolicking naked among strangers. They can also be very excited by the fact. (Forum)

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Sensual Nudism At Home
Sunday Mornings 
The title suggests that laziest morning of the week when lingering undressed from bed (usually in summer) just seems like a great idea. Mobley's

When Wives Post In A Nudist Way...
Competitive Photography
One would be surprised at how easy it is to get their mate to pose, and how eager they are to share the photography, even when they get home.