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Nudist Ukraine

Nudist Ukraine
World's Most Avid Nudists?

You would almost think nudism was born in this former Iron Curtain country of Ukraine. Maybe it's the long winters and recent long history with frugal living that made the cheap, simple past time of nudist recreation so appealing. Or it could be they know a good thing when they see it. ("Nudist Ukraine")  

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Nudist Vacations: Going Savage
On Going Savage:
Nudist vacations afford couples the opportunity to really let it all hang out. And spending an entire day or even week all nekkid brings out your natural warrior (and fine-tunes other aspects of your life as well).
("Nudist Vacations: Going Savage")

Nudist Recreation: Nude Diving Off Cancun
Skin Diving For Real:
When Carole booked a day trip to dive with whale sharks off the Yucatan coast, she didn't realize it was tied to an adult nudist resort. "Diving nude in an warm open ocean with magnificent sea creatures--you remember that sort of thing." ("Nude Diving Excursions")

Teen Nudists Skinny Dipping In Family Pool
Young Skinny Dippers:
Perhaps even more intriguing is young "impromptu" nudists using their summer breaks and home-alone status (with mom and dad at work) to enjoy the family pool sans swimwear.

I consider such sightings as gifts from above, not bothering with any interior conflicts such scenes might arouse ("Should I be looking?"). Nothing is more innocent than a neighborhood stroll (and who doesn't look into windows on such walks?). If the unexpected arises, be thankful, not conflicted.  ("Nudist House: Teen Skinny Dipping") Rebo

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One of the striking things about nudism is seeing other humans in the full dimension of their being, all their special relationships in plain view, the way they occupy space and move through it. Traditional nudist photography is fine by me, but I also like the impromptu captures of the unselfconscious deliberations, the quick shuffle of the towel, the application of sunscreen, the relaxed posture in soft transition. The woman, sensing she's unobserved, relaxes into the scene she sets in a different way than when under scrutiny. I suppose what I'm referring to is a form of candid intimacy versus being blatantly candid. Does it matter?

In the scene above the girl is reaching for a cigarette. It's a fairly innocent mission but the nudity here lets one conjure other scenarios. We often have to do mundane tasks while nude, but seldom do we do them naked and in public. When an attractive nude female reaches for a cigarette it has a much different effect than when she's preening for the camera. The former hints to potential, leaving room for the imagination.

Mikel Bivel's nudist photography looks beyond the nudism back to simple human activity, say as you would find in a municipal park, people just carrying on, albeit nude. Sure, he likes the broad view too, the strutting young blond on the beach, but seems more interested in her relaxed mode, saying nude, but reading a book, shielding her eyes from the sun, nonchalantly curled up on her towel. I'm sure you get the difference.

If nudist photography was all poses and pouts its essence was evaporate. Pure nudism involves a broad spectrum of activity. Bivel captures this knowingly.

DavidG for The Nude Review "Nudism 360: Full Spectrum"
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Body Freedom Redefined
Casual nudity at home in the spirit of body freedom is a form of nudism, at least in our book. ("Nudist House")

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