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 Nudist Life

Nudist Life
Nudist Beach Life

We're really not making it up when we state on nearly any given nudist beach naked beauty is a head-spinning affair. You mean all I have to do to see beautiful girls naked is become a nudist? Yeah, it's actually about as easy as that. It may take a few minutes to get used to standing around naked in public, but after that it's a breeze. Use the nude beach guides to find somewhere near you. ("Nudist Beaches")

Nudist Clubs & Resorts: Be Careful, Stick To The Guides
Nudist Resorts & Clubs

In the U.S. these are another matter (in comparison to the above statements about nudist beaches). If you have visions of paunchy naked men standing around the barbeque and a aura of sloppy flesh generally blemishing the horizon, you'd be right about the half of the time. That leaves about fifty-percent of U.S. nudist organizations that keep to the more European ideal of wholesome healthfulness in the buff. ("Inside Nudist Clubs & Resorts")

Expat Nudists: Changing Lifestyles When The Economy Deals You A Bum Hand
The Expat Nudist

When the economy dealt Andy a bum hand, he packed his laptop and headed to Zipolite, Mexico. "I was looking for a cheap place to live while I built an internet business. I didn't even realize Zipolite had a legal nude beach. Now I live right across from it, work in the morning and hang around with naked tourists in the afternoon. Thank God I got laid off." The word is getting around. ("Becoming A Nudist Expat: Yeah, It's Doable")

Nudist Skinny Dipping
Skinny Dipping  

Most people remember their first skinny dipping adventures as if they occurred yesterday (well, if it was pleasant they do). They usually begin with a dare, some very pronounced moans of protests, then giggly acquiescence. Clothes pile up haphazardly on the beach, riverside or on the lounge chair by the pool, and general silliness ensues. The Seattle Nude Swim Club (covered in another post) is achieving record attendance these days and reports nothing has changed: "If you want to see a bunch of adults revert to their childhoods, get them naked and toss them in the pool." ("Adventures In Skinny dipping") Gallery: Skinny Dipping

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Extracts From The Nudist Magazines
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Sensual Nudism - Side Effects: The Liberating Nature of Nudism & Women & Teens
The Aphrodisiac Effect 
How does nudism affect relationships? In a particularly good way, or so say members. (But there are risks.) ("Adult Nudism Chronicles")

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French Teen Nudists
French Teen Nudists 
Of course all European teens (and American teens for that matter) deserve admiration, but there's a je ne sais quoi about French girls that elicits our heightened appreciation. ("French Teen Nudists")

Family Nudism, FKK Teens
FKK Teen Nudists
Attending an all-ages nudist camp or resort (for families) is like a vacation in the Garden of Eden. Singles are welcome. 





Synopsis: Nudist life manifests in many forms, and all are delightful