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It's Okay To Admire Young Nudists

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 Young Nudists

Young Nudists
Nudism's Main Attraction?

Of course if you've read this blog before you're aware of our admiration for young nudists, as well as how silly we feel admitting, as grownups, that we even look.  Above all, be respectful, which is how we treat the subject.

Teen Nudists

What's a mature man of fifty even doing looking at nudist photos? Yes, that's a rhetorical question--we look because we enjoying seeing natural naked beauty, a truism I pray holds until my last wheezing breath. It's nothing to be ashamed of. 

Young Nudists On The Jersey Shore
The Nudist Jersey Shore:
Yes, New Jersey has some very popular beaches for teen nudists (Try Gunnison Beach, a clothing optional Mecca that draws 5000 nudists any given weekend. Don't tell Snooki. ("Jersey Shore Nudist Beaches")

Young Nudists In Europe
Euro Teen Nudists:
The season is brief but fortunately most Europeans are avid about their beach time and recording their passion for the digital record. Nearly all beaches now permit topless sunbathing, and no European is far from a fully sanctioned nudist beach. Both young and old enjoy nudism alike. (See: "Euro Nudist Beaches")

Young Topless Sunbathers
Young Topless Sunbathers

Each year a new crop of American tourists discover the joys of topless sunbathing on European public beaches (and even in city parks). By tourists we of course mean young travelers. There's something about still somewhat pale young bosoms getting their first exposure to heavy sunlight that we find appealing, though we don't mind nicely tanned ones either. Okay... they're both nice. ("Newbie Topless: American Girls Overseas") Ed

Young Nudists
The Nudist Sun: As once with the mighty British Empire, the sun never sets on the world of nudism (hence, Australian nudism, above). And of course the Caribbean ramps up every winter to deliver a new crop of new nudists or topless sunbathers to the fold. We're happy to record the momentum.  (The Nudist Sun Galleries)

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Is it okay to "admire" young nudists? Sure, if you're respectful. The truth is nudism without young nudists participating wouldn't be the same.

Young Nudists At Home
Family Nudism At Home 
Let's say your family is okay with nudity at home. Sunbathing nude or skinny dipping isn't an issue. And then your daughter brings home a friend. What then? As my French friend said: "Of course you'll look." I suppose he's right. Ed

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Young Nudists
Young Nudists 
It doesn't matter if you're a sixty year-old geezer or fit young buck, walking a nudist beach will expose you to young, adolescent nudists (and you to them, of course). That's fine. You're both having the same experience (social nudism). Don't express this sentiment on a "traditional" nudist site. You're not suppose to admit you enjoy looking. It'll be our secret. Ed

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