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 Nudist  Vacations

Nudist Vacations
Nudist Vacations

It always strikes me as odd how popular nudism has become in Spain, with a number of dedicated strictly clothing-optional resorts dotting the Mediterranean coastline. In particular, that they're for all-ages is astounding. A generation or two ago teen girls couldn't leave the house without a chaperone. Now they can cruise a nude beach with their gal-pals without wearing a stitch.

Roaming their nudist villages is quite like wandering any coastal Spanish resort, except in the shops and food courts being nude is completely acceptable. (In contrast, in most French nudism resorts the women tend to cover their lower extremities when shopping or walking around.) In the evenings clothing is generally worn, of course, for the restaurants and clubs, which actually offers a nice contrast. Also, nudists, when "dressed" for an evening out do tend to wear very stimulating attire. There's nothing like very light clothing worn over deeply, evenly tanned bodies to strike a mood. ("Nudist Resorts In Spain")

Nudist Vacation Pictures
"Honey, That's A Good Shot": If you've been on a nudist beach lately you've noticed cameras are everywhere, with couples being among the most avid users, particularly the newbies. "I guess we can't believe we're actually 'doing it', so we're gathering the evidence," said Nicole, during a recent Muir Beach outing. Who will she show the pictures to? "Our friends," she said, during a Nudist Bares picnic on this small beach outside San Francisco. 

Even Facebook seems to be loosening-up their nudity standards, as more and more people are their sharing their nude or topless beach experiences there. It's a badge of honor for some, or a pre-emptive strike in other cases. "If you've been on a nude beach, someone's photographed you. You may as well be the first to publish your experiences," said Brett, an avid weekend nudist. ("Nudist Couples Portfolios")Nudist Vacations: Letting One's Hair Down
Letting One's Hair Down:
The body freedom spirit of a nudist beach creeps onto the balconies and into the rooms of nudist resorts, and these images offer a nice contrast to the usual brilliantly lit daytime scenes of a nudist resort. "There's a shift of intimacy levels when the nudity moves from the beach to the room, especially when vacationing with friends. Everyone is looser on holiday, and sort of figure out they don't need to be on a beach to enjoy communal nudity. Once you're comfortable being around your husband's best friend totally nude, it really doesn't make a difference if your lying on a beach or having cocktails on your balcony." ("Nudist Vacations With Friends") Ed.

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Taking a nudist vacation is like Disneyland for adults, depending on your resort pick.

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Sensual nudism is for adults only - see report below:

Nudist Jamaica - Hedonism
Hedonism II
Not a resort for the timidly minded, or sticklers for traditional nudism. It can frankly be a little naughty, if you're in the mood. 

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Contrasts: Family Nudism In Eastern Europe
Family Nudist Camps
Western Europe's nudist resorts are distinctly "westernized," in contrast to the style practiced in Eastern Europe, where FKK principles dominate and activities center around healthful events and competitions, occasionally "pagan'" practices of one sort or another, body painting, communal meals and wide variety of other entertainments, creating a kind of tribal environment. ("Nudism In Eastern Europe")