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Nudist Camp Teens
Nudist Camp Teens

Updated: First off, the "scenery" at any nudist camp is of course very absorbing (the variances in human anatomy are truly amazing) but what I always find most interesting is how the social climate is so warm and inviting. There's a distinct friendliness (and openness) you don't find in other social milieus. Of course it's nearly cliche to say, well, without clothes on, there's nothing to hide, so be yourself. One should be themselves no matter what the social climate. What I'm reaching for here is to say I think nudism brings out our universal aspects, our humanness, or mutual humanity. But it doesn't extinguish our fierce admiration for beautiful examples of human development (I'm speaking euphemistically of course). To mingle naked in a mixed gender, all-ages environment helps you realize how closely related we all are, especially to what's beautiful on this planet. ("Nudist Camps For Teens")
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The featured resort is open warm season only, and all of the amenities are outdoors except for sleeping quarters and a covered pavilion for dining and entertainments. That means, for example, the showers are outdoors and of course coed and, if you've never showered with a group of twenty people, you're in for some really new experiences. What I noticed most is how most are very chatty while they carry on with their business of washing up. No daintiness for these folks, which, depending on the subject, either pleases you tremendously or goes the other way.
Nudist Camp Life
The business of family dining in nude communal fashion takes some getting used to as well (and of course clothing, primarily sarongs worn by the older women, is permitted). 

Initially I felt it improper to be "hanging" out while I savored the fare, but within a few minutes forgot the nudity and just went along. I sat with a German couple, their three teen children, and a couple from Switzerland. All were happily nude and seemingly aloof to their sartorial condition... (Nudist Sun Galleries)

Teen Nudists At Home - Family Nudism
When Your House Is A Nudist 
Camp For Teens

Teen summer nudity, especially during heat waves, often occurs in the backyard pool, and often with friends. In an era when a digital camera is nearly always at hand, the evidence mounts daily. ("Nudist House: Summer Teen Nudity At Home") 

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Nudist Camp Life
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