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I'm by no means a professional model, but that doesn't mean I can't be the affectionate object of a lens when pursuing my joy of nudism. Why not? As far as nudism goes I am a professional. Frankly, the entrance exam was easy. Just take-off your suit. Voila-you're a naturist (that is, if you enjoy taking your suit off).

The first time I appeared in a picture in any state of nudity was while vacationing in Miami and enjoying their topless beach. My girlfriend and I took pictures of each other, with our very pale breasts exhibiting very little shyness. It made us both feel very European. Later she put the pics on her Facebook page while I was showering. When I finished and she showed me the post I freaked-out, of course. For God's sake, my mother was one of her Facebook friends! (In the end she didn't mind.)

Once my nerves calmed and I examined the pictures, I thought, well, not bad! I'd never seen a picture of me naked or topless before. It was like looking at some other girl, one who was worldly and wise, and the object of desire in men's eyes. I thought, well, this is very empowering. As the comments started coming in I could sense a lot of envy aimed my way. Jeez. You did it! You rock girl! I felt like a celebrity.

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Now, several years later, and after several visits to nude beaches and resorts, I've probably been photographed naked several dozens times. This time-span includes having been to nude beaches with several boyfriends (I'm now engaged) who could hardly control themselves when I gave my permission for them to take some pictures. We photographed each other, did goofy shots, sexy ones, a few of the more daring variety. Where they are today (aside from my personal collection, or the ones posted here) I couldn't tell you. It's liberating to know no one can "out" me as I've already outed myself (here, on Facebook, even on my phone via emails of the "wish you here" variety).

If, when on a nude beach, I see some guy stealthily capturing me in a shot, I smile (you may have noticed in most pictures the women are smiling). It's sort of a compliment to have your picture taken and, frankly, if you dare to bare you're going to be photographed, so you may as well enjoy it. Adele

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It's Not About Just About Money

If you think you're going to get rich taking naturist pictures, forgetaboutit. Of course, you can make money, but that's hardly the point. If you like taking pictures as a hobby and the idea of having nude subjects as your "topic," then taking nudist pictures might be for you (man or woman). And yes, you can make a few bucks (Julie pays between $25 to $100 for a series). More important is having the ability to "write-off" your hobby. If your hobby takes you to the Caribbean or Mexico and you sell a few pictures--voila. Business expense. It's perfectly legit.

I've always viewed nature photography much like the Great White Hunter viewed African game--it's the hunt. It's the sighting and, in terms of photography, the image capture that counts. Nude photography is, in my opinion, the ultimate in "nature" photography. You see a beautiful girl striding nude down the beach and your pulse races. It races the next time there's a sighting, and the next. When you study beaches for your next trip, you'll feel the excitement building anew. What never fails to surprise me is the fact that on nearly every nudist beach in the world you'll find subjects to photograph. If they notice you, nine times out of ten they'll smile, and even strike pose or two (but in a silly, absolutely endearing sort of way).

Only once was a woman upset with me. I was taking a broad beach shot but she thought I was focusing on her (I really wasn't). I graciously smiled and nodded an apology, moved past her and took my shot. There's always more beach, or beaches elsewhere, with new nudists arriving everyday. Most of them don't mind being photographed. My hobby is secure.

I stay away from the high-end equipment because I don't want to obsess over losing it. The $300 cameras are fine. I don't bother with special lenses (the site prefers shots that aren't excessively polished, so why bother?). In the end it's a great hobby. None has a better view. DavidL

Nudist Photography


Esoteric Photography: Frankly, those broad shots of nudist beaches don't interest me much. Sure, I like to see them and get an idea of where I'm going and what kind of crowd I'll find there, but my "specialty," if I can call it that, is the comings and goings on nude beaches, close-up shots of very natural women and teens simply enjoying the lifestyle, just being themselves. There is nothing better.

To be clear, I don't go to nudist beaches to take pictures. But while I'm enjoying the lifestyle, I also enjoy capturing via camera all that I like about (everyone has their own personal interpretation--this is mine). What I like is the fact that, as a pretty much normal looking guy, an attractive woman or group of teenagers will arrive, set-up a few feet from me, undress, lie down, apply sunscreen, chat and gossip or, if solo, just enjoy their book or magazine or having a swim, all while nude, not minding one iota that I'm there. It's like a gift. Plus, it makes my world wonderfully enlarged.

I'm very respectful with the camera, and I think it shows in my photography. I love these women for their willingness to share with me their nude bodies without hesitation, as if we were members of some tribe. That's sort of what I feel I'm capturing with the camera, that spirit of oneness. GregB