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A Nudist World
Russian Nudists Enjoying "Pagan" Style Nudist Festival
Russians Are Into It
Nudist Parks, Festivals, Camps & Beaches:
Russians of all ages embrace the idea of body freedom like a religion or right, a practice that entails very little deliberation. The idea of a beach being "nudist" sanctioned barely exists, as anywhere the sun is shining becomes will do. Clothes come off in city parks as readily as they might on the French Riviera.Russian Nudists - Festival
In particular, several festivals occur annually that feature pagan overtones, bonfires, dancing, lemming style group swims, all in the buff, which all come off as very life embracing and affirming. A sponsored trip to one of our favorites brought fifty Americans, and more than triple that number have committed this year. (Russian Nudism)  

Oregon County Fair Nudists
Oregon County Fair Nudists: We don't really get it either, but somehow Oregon has mixed a typical county fair with nudism and gotten away with it. Expect witches, wiccans and fairies, of course. Time to buy yourself a VW van and make the trip. ("Oregon County Fair Nudism")

Nudist Water Parks In Europe
Nudist Water Parks: No matter how many galleries of proof we see, it's still startling to see how "comfortable" Europeans are with their coed facilities being clothing optional. 

There is no separation of gender/ages anywhere, even in the locker rooms. It will probably not come to America anytime soon, so it's best to plan a trip to Europe to experience it for yourself. Or just look at the pictures of course. ("Nudist Water Parks")

Extracts From The Nudist Magazines
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In The Nudist Sun Galleries & Features Traditional Nudism  
Taking root in Europe, since its inception nudism has expanded into many forms of expression, such as these festivals and community parks.

Young Russian Nudists
It's Like Woodstock
There's a big movement, and response, to what's going on in Russia--a lot of younger Russians are reverting to pagan festivals, Faerie-Fairs and the like to celebrate their form of humanism, an echo back to our own sixties movements. The message? Chill.
("Russian Hippies? Pagan Nudism")

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Nudist Sun Festival, Ukraine
Nudist Sun Festival
Unrelated to our own Nudist Sun, every summer the Ukraine blossoms into a nudist Mecca for families intent on worshipping the sun for a month of 24/7 nudist life.