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 Nudist New York

Nudist New York
Hot Down, Summer in the City
You've probably heard by now that in New York City women can legally go topless on the streets and in the parks. Oddly, it's hardly created the media stir we envisioned such news would bring. We've reported elsewhere about the increasing popularity of topless sunbathing in the states, and suspect in a couple years it'll be the new normal. 

And there's more New York news. A local beach in Queens now permits all-nude sunbathing (in addition to the several others nearby), so it looks like New York is becoming a nudist Mecca (except for that little problem with winter. Fortunately the Caribbean is just a couple of hours away).
Rooftop "Nudism" In New York
Let's not forget the rooftop "nudism" also popular in New York City. In fact, stay in any high-rise on a hot summer day and around noon you'll begin noticing that New Yorkers take their sunshine seriously. Several rooftops will sport any number of strenuously over-extended inhabitants treating their rooftops like St. Tropez. ("Urban Nudism: New York, New York") 

Nudist Beaches For Newbies
Taking The Nudist Plunge: Forum topics often include the usual newbie questions about getting started (which of course generate a lot of flip answers like, "Well, take your clothes off"). I think the best answer is, whether you're married or single, just use the directories to find a nudist beach or club near you and commit to a visit. Preferably, pick a sunny day. Aside from that just go and see how it feels to be naked with strangers. Don't worry about erections or where to put your hands (if you get an erection just lie on your tummy for a while).

Some beaches lean to "Adult Nudism" and will not give you the full spectrum of the experience (but rather an adult spectrum). I would avoid those at first and find a family beach. Every male nudist I've talked to about it has said (without missing a beat) that of course it's the youthful element that completes the experience for them. You'll be naked in an all-ages mixed gender environment, and this social aspect is key to their ejoyment. It doesn't matter if you're eighteen or eighty, you can socialize or just enjoy the scene privately and do some smithy-of-your-soul searching in your mind (for you Joyce scholars). Adult beaches have a different vibe, which I think you have to graduate into.

The exception would of course be going to a Hedonism II type club where the accent tends to be a bit randy. Your inner anthropologist will get a kick out of it, and you might meet interesting company. ("Newbie Nudist Beaches")

Teen Nudists At Home
In Nudist House

In some households a young teen can walk completely nude from her bedroom through the kitchen and into the backyard and jump in the family pool. I'm not trying to form a titillating picture here. It's a just a statement of fact.

If you actually read these posts you may be getting the idea that, while we love nudist photography, we love nudist photography with some back-story and context even more (the "when, where, why, what"). We're always tempted to probe ("What's it like? How does it feel?") to get the complete picture. It really doesn't matter that the answers tend to get redundant ("It's make me Goddess-like," "It excites me," "It feels good"). 

In a workshop I once asked a forty-year-old woman when she first realized the power her nudity would have over boys and men. The short answer she gave was "when I was around twelve." That's very interesting, and I think explains what makes these images so attractive. There's an aesthetic value to them that defies useful articulation. Best thing to do is enjoy them. ("Nudist House: Skinny Dipping") 

Extracts From The Nudist Magazines
Candid Nudists & Nudity
Images, post titles and commentary relate to specific picture-posts, galleries and features in the The Nude Review's four interlinked nudist & body freedom magazines: The Nudist Sun, Nudist House, Candid Nudity & Mobley's Review:

Not Just In The Parks:Topless New York
Topless In The City
It's not just in the parks or on the rooftops. Women are exercising their topless rights on city streets.

Getting The Hang Of Nudist Resorts Nudist Resorts
Feeling your way around a nudist resort for the first time takes some getting used to. But you'll be surprised how quickly you forget you're naked. What you won't get over is seeing your wife naked around other men.

Sensual Nudism Sensual Nudism  
Frankly, the signals are a little easier to read (and potentially embarassing).

Nudist Jamaica Naked Jamaica
Places to see, places to be seen, all on the cheap. (See Hedonism II)

Photo Club: Nudists In Nature Nudist Teens
Getting naked in the woods with girlfriends after school.

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