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Perhaps Not What Your 
Were Thinking...

At the core of nudism is a fundamental spirit of body freedom and laissez-faire habituation to the state of being less than fully clothed. Whether alone, with company or just relaxing with family, no shame is felt for being less than properly attired (or attired at all). You may think, "Oh well, fine and good, but just take me to a nudist beach." But the nudist beach is, for the sake of argument, just a destination, but it's hardly the full journey. That journey begins at home with how we're raised, and whether it gave us the interior psychic freedom to feel comfortable nude (or just in our skivvies) in mixed company or with our families. 

Couples Nudism At Home

The sight of such interior "body" freedoms, expressed outwardly in terms of dress or undress, can be as subtle as walking down your hallway to see your niece lying in bed in her skivvies reading a magazine. In our minds that counts as body freedom in the same way that nudism does. Hence our emphasis in Nudist House, Candid Nudity, and Mobley's Review with near-nudity as well as nudism. It's a love affair with body freedom and nothing short of that.

Family Nudism At Home - iPhone Capture (Rebo)

When you take such imagery away from the usual venues for delivery (hideous porn) and put them in carefully (but real) mediated collections, another world opens up, the air smells fresher and we're much less hampered and embarrassed by the very fact that we like viewing them so much. ("Nudist House: Family Nudism At Home")

Backyard Nude & Topless Sunbathing
Backyard Nude Sunbathing & 
Skinny Dipping: Nudism At Home

These activities feature heavily in liberated households and to the uninitiated can produce awkward moments. Visiting friends in the South of France one summer I was pleasantly stunned to witness my host's daughter and her friends sunbathing topless around the family pool. Of course I was familiar with the French habit of going topless, but seeing it at home in such a familial fashion took an adjustment. 

What I particularly appreciate about French men is you're expected to be appreciative of beauty, and comment freely. Walking in on an American family and accidentally witnessing some nudity might not be well appreciated by the host--however, we have ample evidence the practice of family nudism and "body freedom" is catching on. In the era of "selfies" and internet propagation of the nude side of life, it's inevitable. ("Backyard Nudity: Sunbathing, Skinny Dipping, Socializing") Ed

Casual Home Nudity - Teens
Around The House Nudity By Attractive People It's an important qualifier--attractive--which you of course know if you've spent any time perusing voyeur-type sites on the Web. Thus qualified, casual nudity at home can be somewhat more interesting than nudist photography generally. 

I usually find the little bits of nudity in film where characters are changing or running to the fridge in panties for milk generally the more arousing. I would offer it could just be me, but site statistics indicate the casual "body freedom" of Nudist House and Candid Nudity get the most traffic. It's good not being alone.  John/Member ("Casual Nudity Around The House")

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Nudist House & Candid Nudity At Home

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Included: Casual Home Nudity - or Nudism At Home Family Nudism At Home
Casual nudity indoors in a body freedom spirit.


In My Room: Teens  Link - A Family Nudist Album

Just Hanging Out
Thematically, Nudist House reveals how people behave dress-wise when just hanging out at home.

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A Nudist Teen Picnic - Experimental Nudism By Suburban Teens
The Monet Picnic Club?
Or let's just call it candid outdoor nudity, nudist or not. Did you ever get naked with friends after school? 

Family Nudism At Home: Gallery Overview

Family Nudism Means Skinny Dipping (In Some Cases)
Home Alone
Even if, technically, a home isn't "nudist," it won't prevent teens from experimental nudism when mom and dad are at work. 
See Candid Nudity.

Nudist House Teens
Candid Teens At Home
Natural teens in quiet moments around the house.

Singles Life Nudity At Home (When Life Goes Condo)
Candid Nudity
You've signed the papers, the divorce is over, now what? "In My Own Place." 

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Synopsis: Family nudism at home is more an attitude than a lifestyle.