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 Nudist Girls

Girl Nudist
Teen Nudists Are Just Part
Of The Nudist Scene

It's on your mind when you pull in the parking lot. Your pulse reflects your increasing excitement. You're moments away from stepping onto your favorite nudist beach. The weather signals a promising day--high eighties and humid, a perfect reason to escape to the beach. It should be a banner day. 

Nudist Girl On Beach - Part Of The Scenery

The youthful presence will high. You'll be spending the next several hours in the presence of their inspiring nudity, all of you naked as the day you were born and there's no price to admission except for your willingness to be like them--nude, in public, enjoying the beach. Isn't life great? For purposes of illustration, the photos illustrating this post feature what I'd call average women or teens (not the bottom pic of course)--I think it helps bring home the point. ("See Also: Younger Nudists")

Nudist Teens, With Respect...

Not every nudist you see on a nude beach is a startling 10 or Met Art model on her day off. The "Main Event" (youthful beauty) is of course surrounded by lesser beings exercising their absolute right to be there. It goes with the territory. But what is always amazing to me is, in the course of several hours on a typical nudist beach, you will witness a surprising number of very attractive, young and fit women and teens. Your blinders will ignore the rest (see bottom photo). If there's a price to pay, it is the fact that not all humans are perfect, with many not taking very good care of themselves, and they do come into view. ("FKK Family Nudism") Nudist Girls - A Young Nudist Dashing To The Breakers, Ocrakoke Island, NC
I prefer the natural nudity of nudist women versus the slickly produced and posed models of Met Art or Femjoy--sure, some are very attractive, but they don't seem natural. Plus, their features often descend into gynecology, as if by necessity they need to include those shots to broadened (or lower?) their appeal. (I've yet to meet a woman in real life who offered me a view like that other than as necessitated by our love-making.)  

(Above: Young girl hits the surf, North Carolina) ("Southern Family Nudists")

Nudist Girls
Nudist Girls Are Very Unabashed

Watching naked girls on a beach under a brilliant sun with a warm breeze reminding you your genitals are exposed is an odd thing. Where you are very careful to bend the knees and keep your nether regions composed (which can become somewhat more animated than you might wish under such circumstances),  those naked girls just over there, who look like junior high truants, are moving about like the sun deserves to grace every inch of their bodies, speaking particularly about places it doesn't usually shine. They seem not to care. Not a wit. (See Also: Topless Girls)

Is is right to look to them? Oh Lord, what do you think beaches are for but to look at other people, and especially on nudist beaches. (And of course enjoy them for their wholesome, health giving goodness.) At a workshop several teens attended (where everyone is naked) and the subject came up - is it okay to look? - and the consensus was of course. Part of the beauty of nudism is the fair exchange we bring to the table, our nudity. Do young girls mind being appreciated? "We've got nothing to hide." Ed. ("Nudist Girls: No Inhibitions Whatsoever")

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