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Not far from Sabal is an excellent and somewhat isolated spit of sand a few of us like to call "Savage Beach." There are a few cottages for rent, and if able to coordinate a visit there with a few of your more spirited friends, it's an easy place to hang-out for a week living--as much as you please to do--naked. "Savage" helps the mind envision living very elementally; in just your skin and the elements. In the early summer Belize is ripe for such adventures, its climate bathes you in a warm womb (no shrinkage problems, if you know what I mean). You don't even want to wear clothes due to the accommodating heat and drenching humidity.

Janis and I, along with (for the sake of simplicity, the names have been changed) Bob and Carol and Ted and Alice, descended for our week of living like savages and, of course, started out all wrong by getting liberally drunk in town our first night, which seems to be the curse of first-nights on vacation. Thankfully we had nothing more to do the next day than get familiarized with our quaint cottages and beach, bring out the sun creams and lay
Nudist Rum Recovery
about. Most of us jumped right into the spirit of the nude thing except for Alice, who kept her suit on. Surprisingly, perhaps, me being naked and her suited gave me some trouble controlling my physical state (again, if you know what I mean). The other wife (aside from my own) was the youngest (married to the oldest among us of course), and was strikingly attractive, but our mutual nudity felt more brotherly-sisterly, depending on my mood (after a few cocktails it switched maybe to a third-cousin's relationship). Seeing my wife comfortably moving around naked also pleased me. To be clear, aside from the clue of my name choices above, this wasn't intended be a swinging week with friends, but a natural off-shoot of having all been skinny dipping together and finding we enjoyed our little 'nudist' experience.

Hitting The Beach
I'm happy to report that by the third day Alice joined the club and, to her chagrin, had then to deal with an uneven tan while nursing a rum hangover.

In the course of the week I did either witness or participate in several things that made this a decidedly adult trip (as far as the nudism went). Ted and Alice, at the time off at a small distance from us, did appear to make love on the beach (in a very slo-mo fashion). We joked a bit about it, attempting to act nonchalant (being international jet-setters and all), but I did notice we all kept staring over at them. Another time my wife applied sunscreen to my "swim-suit" area, which caused me to have an erection, to which Carol said, "Oh, go for it you two!" We didn't quite, but my wife did continue lovingly stroking me while also chatting away with Alice about God knows what. Bob and Carol, by their humor and statements to the fact, always seemed aroused, and were constantly in touchy-feely mode, especially during sunscreen applications (well, I guess we all got into that mode--we went through quite a bit of sunscreen). One evening my wife and I lingered on the beach and made love in only semi-privacy. When we returned to the group Carol said, "That looked so sweet" (while we thought we'd been behaving, appropriately, very savagely).

On the fifth day the wives joined the men after another rum-soaked lunch, removed their sarongs (purchased the day before in town from a hippie expat) to reveal they'd all gone "smooth" on a whim. (Thankfully I don't have an image of them all shaving themselves in the outdoor grotto-themed shower.) I have to say this provoked another challenge to our self-control. The removal of pubic hair seemed to make their nudity more intimate.  Ted asked if we men should shave too, to which my wife replied, "Just your balls." I was already up to speed there.

Isn't it nice to have a group of friends with whom you can just talk about things? Well, of course it is... ("Going Savage In Belize")

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