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Weekend Nudists

For the most part the coastline beteen L.A. and San Francisco is fairly rugged and isolated, perfect for city-folk eager to get back to nature in their preferred way. It's no accident that nearly a quarter of our Bares are from the West Coast, where liberalism and an often favorable climate permit au-natural camping and sunbathing. Nudist beaches are handier to most metro areas, but there's nothing like creating your own Eden on the fly. Add to a weekend passion for nudism a similar enthusiasm for taking nudist photos, and sharing them, and you've got yourself a club.

Avid Photographer & Subject Wife Barbara
'Nature' Photography: "It's the best hobby in the world." What is? "Doing nude nature photography of your wife. It makes me fall in love with her all over again every time we go out."

In this case there was a little risk involved as the designated shoot was on a non-nudist beach. "I think a hundred yards from anyone else is a safe enough distance. She can cover up quickly if there's a problem. Most people, if they even notice, just sort of stare and point. It gives them a story for later." (Washington State)

 Rebo Gets Away
You'd Think She'd Be Tan By Now: "We spent three days in non-clothing-optional resort before getting here," (destination keep secret for the moment) so now my tan is screwed up."
Even avid nudists, even those who work for us, suffer seasonally painful initiations adjusting to the sun. 

Atlanta Bare Visits Lake Tahoe
A Very Long Weekend: An Atlanta Bare visits Lake Tahoe for a few days and declares her somewhat isolated beach "nudist" while her husband gets some pictures. Rogue nudism is a big part of the program. Why bother with suits if no one is around? ("Nudist Bare Weekends")

Nudism In The Bay Area
Bay Area Nudism: There's no need to leave the city. You can get an all over tan in San Francisco with the Golden Gate as your view.  On a sunny day attendance is heavy. Not far away is Red Rock beach in Marin along with Muir beach, though we admit the coastal road there is terrifying. ("Nudist Sun")

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Nudist Life - Photo Ops
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Weekend nudists share their photos in a general competition.

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