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Nudism Q&A

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Nudism Q & A

Nudism & Wives
Nudism: Too Enthusiastic?

Is my wife too into it? More frequently the question is, how do I get my wife interested in nudism? But what if she's the advocate, trying to get you nude on public beaches? That was the case with my wife Marie, whose upbringing (being of French descent of course) fully employed a laissez-faire attitude where nudity was concerned.

Work-shopping the issue exposes the interesting layers of nudist experience. I've listened to other men wonder about their mate's facile transition out of their clothes in nude mixed-gendered environments, and its interior effects on their psyches. "I have to say I find it arousing" amply paraphrases the general feeling. What about the wives? To paraphrase further: "It's exciting, like living-out one of those nude-in-public dreams we all seem to have."

Our advice is to let them have their fun. What's especially pleasing is having an open dialogue about their and your experiences. If it excites you to see her socializing naked, let her know. She'll be thrilled to have that kind of effect on you.

The Tulum Workshops emphasis the foreplay aspect of nudism as well as all those other benefits harped on by nudist sites. I think I agree. ("Nudist Wives: It's Like Foreplay In Public") TerryW

Just Plain Folks Nudism
Nudism & Fitness 

What if  self-evaluation of yourself and your significant other makes you wonder whether you'd be accepted in a nudist environment. One emailer recently asked whether his wife, 46 and mother of three, would feel comfortable, citing that both of them were "past their prime." If otherwise fit and trim the answer is always "Of course."

While we endorse the democratic nature of nudism and agree with its healthful attributes, we do advocate that one should feel comfortable taking their clothes off. We do take an issue with overweight nudists - no one wants to see that (sorry general nudist community out there). This site is a celebration of body freedom and enjoying a fit, healthy lifestyle. - how would featuring a lot of fat people endorse that editorial view? So the answer is, don't let age or a little wear and tear diminish your enthusiasm. Get your BMI is order and enjoy the lifestyle.

Empirically, we know what most members are looking at and enjoying most. Our site statistics go nuts on youthful features. But one on Boomer Nudists tips the site meters much less dramatically. (Forum)

Nudist Q&A: The Erection Debate
And What About Erections?:
It's the male nudist's greatest worry, as if they'd rather suffer going immediately bald than be seen in public with an erection. It's a popular topic in nudist circles, and one generally flavored with much laughter and good natured teasing. I've never heard of anyone taking offense at an accidental erection, but in truth most men quickly get control over this newbie response to being nude in "public" (usually a quick dip settles the issue). If you're among friends and it happens, brace yourself for some good humored needling. ("Newbie Nudists: Easy To Spot Whether Male Or Female") Ed.

Extracts From The Nudist Magazines
Tradtional Nudism
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A forum is useful for meeting other nudists and exploring nudism's various aspects.

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Family Nudism In Eastern Europe
Family Nudism In 
Eastern Europe
Western Europe's nudist resorts are distinctly "westernized," in contrast to the style practiced in Eastern Europe, where FKK principles dominate and activities center around healthful events and competitions, occasionally "pagan'" practices of one sort or another, body painting, communal meals and wide variety of other entertainments, creating a kind of tribal environment.
("See FKK Family Nudism)

Nudism And Yoga
Beachside Nude Yoga 
You may have heard of nude yoga before (gaining moderate popularity is larger cities). You may have wondered (as we have) "What about the view?" If you're attending a workshop we suggest getting there early and taking a spot up front.

Beachside nude yoga is much different (the extra ten or twenty feet give a feeling of privacy), and a few "yoga" resorts now offer it (Tulum is one) in their curriculums. Essentially the only equipment required is a towel and a pair of sandals. Afterwards, take a dip in the ocean. (Participants tend to be already very fit). ("Beachside Nude Yoga: Greeting The Dawn")