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Living Nude
Kodak Moments
There are "voyeur" images that make one wonder whether their moral code is up to snuff, or the type above that make one grateful to their Higher Powers for all that is good and beautiful in this world. We tend to select the latter from submissions. You're welcome. (See Candid Nudity At Home)

The editors (none with any form of journalism degree) wondered how to best illustrate how free-spirited Americans are coping with heat waves at home - let's say the good side of it.  An afternoon nap in the buff with the covers off is one good way, especially when the subject is so elegantly and wistfully posed. Thank you global warming.

When the powers off, or the A/C simply can't keep up, the backyard beckons, and hopefully there's a pool. If it's
Living Nude - Backyard Freedom
occupants are fit and trim teenagers home on summer break, all the better. If it's the entire family with or without friends we'd like to see evidence of that too (for journalistic reasons, remember - how are folks coping with the heat?).  (See "Skinny Dipping At Home")

Candid Nudity - Living Nude
Candid Nudity & Near-Nudity

On hot, humid nights activities remain on the patio or poolside as friends, loosened-up by their beverage of choice as the atmospherics of the film Body Heat fill the air. This may not be living nude per se, but finding nudity or near-nudity acceptable at times

My ten years in North Carolina included experience of quite of bit of nighttime socializing with friends around backyard pools and patios with the thickest, sultriest air one could imagine for backdrop (living now in the Northwest I really do miss those hot summer Carolina nights - with friends). If there was indeed a pool, you could bet on someone, male or female, jokingly suggesting a skinny dip. You could bet on it.  There's frankly nothing I enjoy better than seeing my friend's wives or girlfriends reduced to their skivvies or less in my backyard. ("Candid Nudity: Spontaneous Eruptions of Nudity & Near-Nudity") Ed.

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Living Nude In Nudist Houses
Images, post titles and commentary relate to specific picture-posts, galleries and features in the The Nude Review's four interlinked nudist & body freedom magazines: The Nudist Sun, Nudist House, Candid Nudity & Mobley's Review.

Playful Candid Nudity Among Teens
Candid Nudity
We find spontaneous eruptions of playful nudity to be in the same spirit of body freedom spirit that makes nudism so joyful and fun. Sure, maybe it's just a splash of nudity, but there are layered meanings and impulses at play, or so we like to conjecture. At a minimum it can lead to interesting discussion ("Honey, what were you thinking? Oh, and by the way, how did it feel?

Nude At Home: Nudist House
Social Nudism At Home  
Party pictures in nudist households make for family albums that would shock Ward and June but not liberated households.

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Body Heat - Another Perspective - Sensual Nudism Sensual Nudism
Mobley's Review: There's a sensual side to nudism that doesn't play well in the traditional nudist movement, and Mobley's is intended to address this fact. There is definitely a difference between family nudism and adult nudism, so we're building Mobleys to highlight both sides.