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Family Nudist Vacations

Family Nudists On Vacation
Family Nudism:
Body Freedom On Vacation

As mentioned in the sidebar below, we're not making this stuff up. Some families have an open policy regarding nudity and no one is ashamed to parade around in their birthday suits. During summer vacations it might even be expected. Bring your suits for if the in-laws visit, but otherwise leave them in the drawer.

My earliest experience with this sort of "nudism" came during a summer visit to Sweden to visit one of my father's business friends. We were in invited to their lake cabin on the archipelago doting the sea near Stockholm. His daughter took me to the beach, which was semi private, and promptly removed her top. I look surprised, not thinking of removing my own until she assured me it was "normal." Later when my father came down to the beach and saw (me, and his business associate's daughter) we were topless, his incredulous look told me we were crossing some new territory. Thereafter topless became the norm at home, including my mother, whenever we sunbathed or swam in the backyard. Nudism lite, perhaps.

Family Nudism - Lake Cabins - Skinny Dipping
With my own kids, now many years later, getting them to dress is a challenge, even my thirteen year old daughter. At our cabin in North Idaho we look like a bunch of nuditics. Their growing up this way made it possible. I don't think parents with young teens could suddenly say, okay we're going to be nudists now. It wouldn't click. It has to be the norm from the get-go. Most of my generation (I'm forty-two) have a similar policy - nudity is okay. Our kids, ranging from sixteen to nine, skinny dip together all the time, as do the adults. It's very sensual, but not sexual, unless it's just me and my husband having some "fun in nature." Megan

Teen Nudists - Friends
Teen Nudism: Daughters & Friends

It's hard to think of anything lovelier than a couple of teen girls sunbathing nude or skinny dipping in a bucolic setting. When they're related to you, you still enjoy the beauty of it, the youthful bodies glistening in the sun. It's not lascivious of me to mention seeing my daughter's friend similarly naked, and appreciating her beauty as well. A Frenchman settled my nerves on this point when I visited him in the south of France one summer, "We all look. It's very pretty. My daughter, your daughter - all beautiful. Why not enjoy it?" (paraphrasing from the French).

Skinny Dipping Teen Friends
It's true. There's no shame in nudity, and there's no shame in enjoying the beauty of it when it presents itself. Do I covet my daughter's girlfriend when I see her nude? No, but I do covet the image - it's like a gift from above, and part of the bounty of a life. ("Nudistic Summers")

Nudism & Sexual Tension
Sexual Tension  

If you accept that casual household nudity is acceptable, and even preferable, say, when it's a hundred degrees out, you probably already know how to answer the question of sexual tension. Does it exist? I can answer unequivocally that it does not. Not an iota. Nothing. Nope. 

But, when the nudity includes unrelated friends, it's another story, but for reasons you might not have thought of. Let's say my daughter's teen friend joins us for the weekend. Along with my daughter, she goes swimming naked or sunbaths nude on the dock; I'm there with them fussing with the outboard or reading a novel sitting in a deck chair. Now, the friend is in full blossom, and I can't but help notice and appreciate the fact. Then she catches my stare and gives me a coquettish smile in return. Sexual tension? Hell yes. What the hell do I do?

This brings up a work-shopped topic that queried the women about when they, as girls, knew they had attained "the power" to drive even older men mad. The consensus? About thirteen. It was suggested this coquettishness of theirs (to which they admit) was a sign of the fragile transition from "tween" to womanhood (variously interpreted age-wise by different cultures). It's a test of their desirability, but not (necessarily) an invitation. With this mind what I do is offer nothing more than a wink and smile, then go on with my business, whether I'm on the dock or at a nude beach. And frankly, I look all I want. I deal with the sexual tension privately. Young teen nudists aren't inviting me to devour them physically, but perhaps mentally - and she's looking for feedback. My attention says, yeah, you're gorgeous kid. My brain is of course thanking Heaven for the beauty of it and having the good sense to go back to my novel. TerryS (Forum) Extract

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Family Skinny Dipping - Nudist Girls
Family Nudism
Your cabin is relatively isolated, it's hot, and everyone is comfortable being naked - why bother with swimsuits? 

Candid Nudity In Families And With Friends - Showing Off, Double Dares, Goofiness 
Candid Nudity  
When kids reach a certain, and development, some of their initial forays into "Body Freedom" (though they wouldn't it that) involve a bawdy sort of teasing.
("Candid Nudity: On Vacation")

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Casual Nudity On Vacation -  Teens
Nudism On Vacation
We have to remind people occasionally that we're not making this up. In some households being nude is okay, especially on vacation.
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Entertaining Nude
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