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First, the damage report: A weeklong visit to Europe's premier family naturist resort, including airfare (from Chicago), meals lodging and transfers set me back $2400.00. (see: Travel Facts) The actual cost of the trip? Priceless, or put another way, worth every penny. Will I repeat it? Hopefully, like a pilgrim to Mecca, it will become an annual, rejuvenating event that I'll look forward to all year (in a life-sustaining way).

No. I didn't take my family. I am divorced and my children are grown. Fortunately there was a singles contingent (generally younger than I), but I wasn't traveling for romance. I wanted the full-immersion experience of a 24/7 naturism camp for all-ages, and was content to engage it as

Nudist Camps

a solo traveler, free to wander and roam where I pleased. I was frankly very disappointed by a visit to a resort here in the states, and thought I'd be more pleased by a visit to where nudism planted its roots. Europe by far has a much better grip on the whole nudism thing (Gerald is preparing a piece on the generally poor condition of American nudist resorts - look for it). Your take-away from this paragraph should be: Family resorts are fine for singles too. And yes, you'll find other single people there too (the women tend to arrive in pairs or threesomes, as you might find at Hedonism II or similar Caribbean resort [albeit for adults only]).

This introduction is just a brief overview of my first impressions, which actually rekindled memories of visiting a summer camp in my youth. Activities abounded, though in this case they were enjoyed in the buff. For example, all-ages body painting, archery, nature walks, volleyball, gym and nude yoga classes. There was an active youth center (watching teens dance nude is a memorable experience). As for lodging there was a campground for tent campers and caravans, bungalows and a hostel-like hotel complete with full dining facilities (enjoyed nude or otherwise).

The Nudist Campground Area

Mixing Ages & Genders

However, by far the most popular activity seemed to be "milling about." You could sit on a bench located centrally and within the course of an hour several thousand nudists of all types and ages would promenade by. Really, you didn't need to move to the extent of humanity present - they all came to you.

Shifting to the beach revealed a broad enthusiasm for the usual sorts of frolicking common to seashores, again, all nude of course, with mothers doting over their children and looking strained by their teenage daughters flirting with the, also of course, naked boys (at that age I couldn't have managed that scene without profound embarrassment). I seemed to develop attention deficit disorder - my eyes bounced from the striking teens walking by, the buxom and beautiful mom standing over there with toes in the water, a few older women in fine shape, fully uninhibited, and so on.

Nudist Teens, Like Teens Everywhere

Now, not every naked person you see at these resorts is the metaphorical "Eve," and there are visions you really wish you hadn't registered (bend your knees, people!). But what's striking is the sheer number of exceptional younger women and teens you do see, and under all forms of circumstance (in the coed showers and changing rooms, the food courts, on the beaches, in the youth center, on the nature trails, the rock climbing wall, etc.).

Nudist Camp Life

Initially I must have walked a hundred miles taking it all in, repeating circuits, continually amazed at every turn until, finally, I acclimated. Only by the third day did I relax (if you've ever taken a kid to Disneyland you know how the first days are a blur for them, as they must see everything at once). 

Now, a final point in this introduction: I was a bit of a celebrity and drew a disproportionate amount of stares (and this is something you may well have to deal with yourselves) - being circumcised was a novelty, a fact often pointed out by children to their mums and teen girls to each other. It took me a day or two to figure it out (at first I thought I was being unduly appreciated, especially by teen girls). European men are generally not circumcised. This produced a jarring self-consciousness and challenge that nearly made me wish for a fig leaf - that is, until I got used to it. Then I learned being a celebrity wasn't so bad. (Extract) European Nudist Camps: Experience JoeM