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 FKK Family Nudists

FKK Family Nudists
Nudism For Families

This is where the idea of nudism begins for most people. Wholesome gatherings of like-minded folks enjoying nature without the hindrance of bathing suits or clothes of any kind. Moms, dads, teens, kids playing blissfully on the beaches or mastering their ping-pong skills during lively community recreations. "Recreation" is a key word here. FKK seems to also mean being very active, and sponsors all sorts of competitions for all ages, from body painting to archery and even 'pagan' dancing. Days are organized around the various activities, most everyone participates, all in a safe and sound environment.
FKK Teens
Kids Play, Teens Flirt - Like They Do Everywhere

Not surprisingly, all the same dynamics play out in these nudist camps and beaches as you'd find on a regular textile beach community sponsored event. Kids play and frolic, bend and dip in ways you wouldn't think prudent for a nudist; older teens group-up and flirt (as I always say, it's very interesting to witness). Girls tease the boys; boys show off.

Naked Recreation

Older FKK teens act very blasť with that annoying mature demeanor (they know everything, you know nothing), have learned a thing or two about correct posture, and give their parents fits as teens do all over the globe, naked or clothed. (Imagine yourself taking this all in as you as have a post-lunch stroll around the park.)  
FKK Nudist Recreation
And moms and dads behave as they do everywhere. Mom will be busy in her usual ways, being the voice of reason and instruction ("sit on towels!"), instruct on matters of hygiene, have motherly worries but great pride in her healthy bright kids. Dad will busy himself with the newspaper, oversee the sports competitions, talk politics with the other men. You would hardly know these people were all stark-raving naked.

A Healthy Way Of Life

And from there, from the FKK ideal, nudism has blossomed and morphed and now enjoys expression in every way imaginable. It's important to remember at the root of nudism is a fundamentally healthy way of life--uncomplicated but with many layers of meaning for its participants. It's very a very sensual and meaningful way to engage the planet. It should be for all ages, including pubescent teens, and as the evidence proves, it is by families all over the world. ("FKK Family Nudism") Ed.

Extracts From The Nudist Magazines
This Page - Family Nudism In Europe
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Family nudism is a big part of the nudist movement, particularly in Europe.

Included: Casual Home Nudity - or Nudism At Home Family Nudism At Home
You can't always get to a beach. Why not enjoy the nudist life at home? More


Family Nudism At Home
Family Nudism At Home 
Naked sunbathing on backyard lawns or by the pool, living nude when the weather permits, feeling comfortable being naked around friends and family. The Candid Nudity/Nudist House sections focus on non-traditional "nudism."

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Family Nudist Vacation
Family Nudist Vacation 
It could be a trip to Europe or quick hop to the family lake cabin, it's the spirit that counts.

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