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 Candid Teen Nudity

In My Room: Teen Boidoirs
Where Body Freedom Begins
In My Room Candid Nudity

Shortly after we began publication (1996) of the nudist magazine, we began to receive submissions that only felt borderline at best as representative of the nudist lifestyle (in traditional terms). At their core, however, they did exhibit the essence of "body freedom," and often intriguingly so. Where to put them? 

In a strictly nudist publication they didn't quite fit, so we extended the site thematically to include casual home nudity (which became Nudist House), Candid Nudity and Mobley's Review (for the more intimate stuff). Also thematically, a sub-series, informally labeled In My Room came along. Interestingly, while most of our members are in fact nudists (or deeply interested in the topic), interior site traffic became heaviest in the candid areas, and specifically anything labeled "In My Room." 

The surmise was, even though members might not come to us for that sort of stuff, they discovered they really liked it. It makes sense. As with nudist photography, these candid portraits were entirely natural. Real teens busying themselves in the privacy of their bedrooms behind closed doors, either going through the rituals of a normal day (getting dressed, putting on make-up, goofing off friends) or exploring their blossoming selves via the liberty of nudity and their imaginations. What, exactly, is going on here? The stuffed unicorns and grammar school awards now compete with  increasing adult-like undergarments and beauty products on the horizontal spaces. Well, it's just life. In every suburb or city, in every small town between the coasts, these In My Room scenes are repeated perpetually, day-in, day-out.

Daily Rituals, Behind Closed Doors
Real Teens & Young Women

What's even better is none of it is made up. The pictures are either self-snapped or taken by girlfriends with their ubiquitous digital accessories. If there's any posing it's just the goofy kind and in that vein, teens have an unusual propensity to goof on each other, mug the camera in their underwear, even explore their burgeoning adult imaginations with play-acting of a kind boys and men, fortunately, don't engage. For example, when is the last night you took a bath with your best bud? (made me shiver to write that). Girls seem to do it all the time, as well as parody lesbianism and what one member called their "inner-exhibitionist." 

Introspective Moments In Quiet Rooms: Teen Bedrooms
It's plain to see that the spirit of body freedom is at the core of these photographs. You have to comfortable with your nude-self to let it be photographed, or even just to hang-out nude in your bedroom alone. True, maybe only a tenth of submissions really capture that spirit and get published (the banal voyeuristic stuff does cut it). When it does cut it, or at least gets very near to it, it's as soothing as meditation to view. ("Candid Nudity: In My Room")

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Extracts From The Nudist Magazines
Nudist House & Candid Nudity

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Getting Dressed - Daily Rituals
Candid Nudity - Girls 
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Candid Nudity Outdoors
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Sensual Nudity 
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Synopsis: Candid nudity is nudism in the sense of body freedom.