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Teen Nudism: Getting Naked 
With Girls In Fields

There's a type of adolescent nudity that mingles with conspiracy and intrigue and involves being very naughty--those times in your teens when you and your gal-pal doubled-dared each other into a little impromptu nudity, often outdoors (where else could you go?) in the woods near your houses. 

There's no forgiving darkness in those conditions (except at night of course; another post). In that bleaching sunlight you nervously, timidly, undressed in tandem, a shirt for a blouse, etc., until nothing remained between yourselves but the shocking fresh breath of the outdoors. Didn't happen to you? Well, it's never too late, except for the youthful aspects. ("Getting Naked With Girls")

Teen Nudists - Tomboys We Knew
Teen Nudist Tomboys

With great fondness I remember a Tomboyish girl with whom I had no amorous connection but did have a deep, untamed curiosity for her body, which she willingly and enthusiastically obliged. 

We could spend hours naked in the woods smoking cigarettes, intermittently performing cursory examinations of each other's intimate bits along with unabashed interrogations: "Don't you ever accidentally sit on your balls?." "No, they get out of the way somehow." [To paraphrase.] I wonder where she is today (no, I won't Facebook her). ("Nudist Tomboys")

Backyard Skinny Dipping With Girls
Of course in my later youth no activity became dearer to me than skinny dipping with the neighborhood girls. By that time we lived in Florida, and nearly everyone had a pool and frequently absent parents. It's was another dare-ya game and the girls always protested but definitely hoped you would persist, then one-by-one the tops and bottoms would come off, the silent examinations would begin, and the unrelenting giddiness.

I can still almost get there as an adult. It's not, nor will it ever be, the same as it was then, but I'm always game. I'm not a big "nudist" in the sense that it's a lifestyle for me, aside from preferring to go naked if swimming or sunbathing is on the agenda. In that regard I hate suits. I like nudist beaches and am fully prepared to participate but my circumstances (job in upstate New York) mean I have to get my kicks locally, usually meaning my backyard in summer. (I still get some of that teen-boy excitement standing naked on my back deck.) A few people have actually relocated to live the better part of their lives 'clothing optional' (thinking of Gerald now living near Tulum, Mexico).

Today's Teens Are Much Less Inhibited, Which Is Both Good And... Well it's still good.
Today All Teens Seem To Be Nudists

Today's teens are of course armed with digital cameras and much less inhibition than was the case with our generation. But I think I prefer the way it (nudity with girls) evolved for me--very riskily, and with very little in the way of informative web sites for preparation (so to speak). Still, these pictures (the suggestive outdoor type, both new and from the shoeboxes) are among my favorites. As with hunger, one is never sated for long. More is always better. JimB ("Getting Naked With Girls")

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Teenage "Nudists," When We Were Young
When We Were Young
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Synopsis: Some of our best memories involve candid nudity with girls...